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Week #3 Photo a Day Challenge

Week #3 Photos

July 4th, 2010: Photo #15

I know you were probably expecting some cool fireworks shots for my July 4th picture…well so was I, but an unfortunate location choice by us gave us a pretty bum view of the fireworks that night. This tree recently fell down at my Aunt’s house during the almost foot of snow the Dallas area got this winter and I really loved that tree. It was already leaning over really weird…not like it was unhealthy or anything, but was just leaning funny and I could climb up on it real easy. Well the stump still looked pretty neat from atop so here’s a little self portrait! 🙂

July 5th, 2010: Photo #16

My Aunt’s boss owns a company that rents BMW motorcycles to people to take on tours all over the world. This morning we had to help his new Alaskan guide load up 5 bikes that he was taking back up to Alaska. At this point 2 were in the trailer this one was about to be loaded up on the back of the truck and two more were waiting in the garage to be loaded into the trailer.

July 6th: Photo #17

Was lazy again today. Didn’t pick up the camera till almost 11pm so I took the time to play around with some really long exposures. This one was set for a 20 second shutter speed. This is my back yard on a slightly overcast night. The buildings up on the hill are the old Missouri S&T dorms and also the tallest buildings in Rolla.

July 7th: Photo #18

This picture kind of gives you a glimpse into what the weather was like today. Spitting rain here and there with spots of sunshine.

July 8th: Photo #19

For a larger picture click here: http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy46/Prafeston/CountrySidePano.jpg

I’m not sure what I was going to take a picture of today, but this was not the plan until after I finished dinner with my mom and there was a big storm coming our way. I pointed the car out of town a ways and found a spot where you could really see the clouds coming in. I tried to take a 6 photo Panorama, which would be 3 up top and 3 below, but I’m still new to Panoramas and trying to match the clouds was getting frustrating cause PS couldn’t Automate it. I still think this turned out pretty good and you can expect more Panos in the future as I’ll be practicing more and more!

July 9th: Photo #20

Today I was walking a neighbor’s dog and came across this tiny “house”. At least I think it’s a house. Couldn’t be more than a room or two big. I’ve seen it before, but it’s so small you kind of forget about it. So as I was walking by I snapped a shot of it.

July 10th: Photo #21

Late night jam session turned early morning jam session. I didn’t really take any pics during the day of the 10th, but this one was taking after 12am the night before so it totally counts.