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Song of the Day 7/07/2010

It’s that time of the week again. Good ol’ hump day. Which means time for the song of the day.

This weeks song of the day is Some Constellation by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Often shortened to SSLYBY). My freshman year at Drury I attended a random party in a small on-campus apartment and this goofy dude was playing the keyboard and mixing songs so everyone would dance. It was a great time considering the lack of space and the lack of actually knowing very many people there, but I ended up finding out that Philip, the guy playing keys, played for a band called Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Me and the roommate would frequent local shows and finally got a chance to see them live a year or so later and it was great. They have two lead singers that switch off from song to song and they tend to switch instruments from time to time. Guitarist switches to drums, bassist switches to guitar, and drummer switches to bass. Made their live show interesting.

With a kind of indie pop sound it’s really hard not to enjoy the tunes these guys produce. I don’t think they’ve made a song I haven’t loved. Off their most recent album, Pershing, I couldn’t stop going back to Some Constellation for another listen. It’s a bit more laid back then the rest of the album, but that tends to be the songs I like most. Hope you enjoy.

Birds on the pillow
And paper lanterns hangin’ from the ceiling
Sticky stars aglow
Mappin’ out some constellation
I’m tired of standing in the light outside her window
For her I would row to the ends of my imagination

Pleasure to behold
A silhouette so real yet oh so static
Measured and controlled
Lets down her hair, takes off her army jacket
I’m trying to figure out what’s right – do I stay or go?
For all she doesn’t know, oh, cause she wishes that she still had it

Birds on the pillow
And paper lanterns hangin’ from the ceiling
Sticky stars aglow
Mappin’ out some constellation
I’m tired of standing in the light outside of her window
For her I would row to the ends of my imagination

Undiscernible lyrics fade way…(Something about “the middle of the night”)

Band Links:



Deathly quiet.
Except the occasional semi engine braking down the interstate.
Pitch black.
Except the sliver of dull moon light coming through the blinds.
So still and calm I have to reassure myself that I’m still alive.
Thump-thump, thump-thump. Check.
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
But for what..

Kina Grannis Co-Write Pre Chorus & Chorus

This write up is to tell you about the Kina Grannis contest I’ve entered on YouTube and also to help you navigate her channel to find my lyrics and vote. First off here is the first verse written by Katem3 who won the first Co-Write contest with my Pre-Chorus and Chorus following.

Verse 1 (written by Kate McGill)
As I lay here on the bed my heart it speaks
I let it beat its beat, you feel the love it leaks
And I can’t describe just how much of it is for you and what you do
But if I could love just one it would be you

Pre-Chorus & Chorus (Written by me, Rafe Preston)
Yes it’s true that I love you.
Yeah and you, you love me too.
So then turn around, yeah, lay on down.
‘Cause I need you here.
Whisper in my ear.
Wrap your arms around me, don’t let go.
Our dreams will grow,
And our hearts will know.
It is love.

And here is the video I made so you can see how it fits with the melody. Sorry, I’m a rubbish singer!

To vote for my lyrics you have to do 4 things:
1. Have a YouTube Account
2. That YouTube Account must be linked to a Gmail Account
3. You have to log into the Moderator on Kina’s Channel.
4. Find my lyrics and click thumbs up. (It won’t count if you just thumbs up the video I posted on my site)

Now I realize it’s a bit out of the way to have to go to Kina’s site to vote, but here is picture by picture instructions on how to go about finding my lyrics and voting for them.

First make sure you are logged into your YouTube account and then go to here Channel. I have links posted on my Video and in the description or you can just click HERE!!

Once you are at here page scroll down till you see two windows. On the left will be the submissions for the Chorus and on the right will be here description of the contest and a list of scrolling options. You may have to sign into her moderator (highlights in red) using your gmail account. This allows you to vote on other people’s videos.

After you sign in go to the right box and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see a list of sorting options

Now just click “Video Suggestions” under “All Suggestions” (This will narrow the search as less people add a video to their lyric submissions). Then under that click Sort by Date and you should see me on that first page still unless someone has recently posted a video for their lyrics in which case you’ll need to click the next button to find me. Once you do just click the thumbs up to the right of my lyrics.

I hope you enjoyed my video and lyrics and I hope this little guide helped you figure out how to vote on them. Thanks everyone!

Song of the Day 6/30/2010

Wednesday will now consist of a song of the day. Since it’s the middle of the week I figure you might need a little something to get you through the rest of the week. Sure it’s just one song, but maybe you’ll like it so much you listen to it for the rest of the week. Or you didn’t know the band and decide to listen to all their stuff. I just hope you’ll like what you hear.

Today’s song comes from one of my favorite bands ever. It’s really hard for me to pick my favorite band, but these guys definitely fall in my top 5. So take a listen. It’s funny how you can know the lyrics and sing them and not even take it in. I’ve loved this song for a long time and it wasn’t until I posted the lyrics up here that I realized just how sad they are…doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great song.

Band: Margot & the Nuclear S0 and So’s
Song: Dress Me Like a Clown

I am alive, I am alive,
And that is the best that I can do.
You go near your light,
I swore you were mine.
I’d take you back a thousand times.

Talk of the town you’ve been around,
if he is the man u want then go.
but tonight we’ll leave all our lovers behind
and try to live a quiet life.
My love is dressing me like a clown

You are an ass a snake in the grass
Vanity seeps from out your pores,
And baby its time to pay for my crime.
Nothing i say can make you mine,
Be that singing in key or runnin to me.
I can think it as good as you.

But tonight we’ll leave
All our stupid songs.
We’ll try and reach the hills by dawn.
My love is dressin me like a clown.

Tonight we’ll leave all our lovers behind
And try to live a quiet life,
Margot dress me like a clown.

Tonight we’ll drink to an early grave,
We’ll laugh but we will not be saved.
Someone has dressed us all like clowns.

Darling it’s sin. Where do I begin.
Putting your contact lenses in,
You see the lights
Scurry like mice
Reflect in the streets
And you pour words
Out on the roof.
Way to grow up
Turn me around
Then lock me up.

Baby you are an ass a snake in the grass
Vanity oozes out your pores.
Oh oh oh ohh
Oh oh oh ohh
Oh oh oh ohh

The Pursuit of Happiness, Art, Music, Photography, Film, Poetry, and Spirituality

Exclaim: You’re Alive!

I’ve chosen this title for my blog as I hope to post on the many reasons Life is good and I think we should share our joys of being Alive. Exclaim, shout, share your joys of life for everyone to…well, Enjoy!

In this blog I’ll be focusing on a few things that really put a smile on my face.

Art: I’ve always had a love for art in any fashion. I don’t practice any Fine Arts very often these days, but will do some sketching occasionally. If I blog about Art it will most likely be about another Artist I find interesting. I’ve got a lot of my photography on a great artist site called Bluecanvas. If you are an artist I highly recommend you setting up an account on this site. Here’s my profile.

Music: There are so many flavors of music and I find myself enjoying quite an eclectic mix of tunes. There is nothing that makes me feel the emotion more than the simplicity of a passionate singer strumming with a guitar. I’m a big supporter of local music and tend to stay away from the Radio. Not that I don’t enjoy some of the music found there…I just find a particular joy in discovering music that’s not just handed to me via mainstream outlets. I might end up doing a Song of the week or Band of the week thing at some point. You can also expect a review of any new music I acquire. If you are curious as to what music I’m into you can check out my Last.fm profile. If you are a music lover like myself then look into getting a Last.fm account if you don’t already have one. It posts (they call this scrobble – you download a program that shows what songs you listen to) all the songs you listen to onto your profile and gives you stats like: Most Listened to Bands/Songs etc. I’ve had an account since Sept. 2006 and have scrobbled over 30,000 songs. Another cool feature is the Musical Compatibility. Go to any user’s profile and it will tell you how compatible your two music tastes are…fun to see how you compare with your friends. Here’s my Last.fm profile.

Photography: Maybe it’s the easy way out, but my love of Art shifted at some point around the time I graduated high school to Photography. I’ve always thought I’m a creative dude, but in some instances I’ve had trouble expressing my ideas on paper or other forms. I have always had an eye for beauty, form, positive & negative space, and the unique aspects of life seen through our eyes. Photography has given me an easy way to capture these things. I recently started a Photo A Day Challenge and will post an update on a weekly basis with photos from the week. I’ll probably have a random post here and there about photo related topics and/or ideas.

Film: In college I was suggested by a friend to try out a Video class and I have thoroughly enjoyed making and editing anything and everything. I’ve posted many of these videos on my YouTube Channels. I’m hoping to start doing a bit more Video Blogging so you can expect to see those show up here as well. Who doesn’t love a good Movie? If I watch one I find particularly interesting or worth talking about I’ll give it a review.
http://www.youtube.com/Prafeston – Mostly Live Band Videos and College Projects
http://www.youtube.com/IamRafe – My new Blogging Channel

Poetry: Being a big music fan I have grown to love poetry and lyric writing. It’s not something I do A LOT, but I do like to write occasionally. I don’t have any formal training in the area so I feel like my poems lack structure at times, but I have found I have a way with words and rhythm that it seems to just come naturally to me. You can look forward to me posting old poems occasionally and new ones here and there.

Spirituality: I grew up in a Christian (Presbyterian) home and God has always been a part of my life. I’ve gone on quite the Spiritual jounrey since I was in high school. I’m very open minded about Christianity and Spirituality in general. As with all aspects of my life I’m a big monkey see monkey do or learn by example kind of guy and this has carried over into my spiritual life. I believe Jesus’ main messages were Love. I don’t push religion on anyone and I don’t think I have the biblical knowledge to even do so, but I do believe I can be an example of Christ by showing his love in all that I do…at least I try. I have fallen away from God some in the past few years. I’m a little unsure of where I am in life and where I want to go. I travel a lot and haven’t gone to church on a regular basis. It would be nice to find some time to do some reading of the Bible and get in the habit of praying again. Should I read something worth writing about or think of something spiritually related it might make it’s way into a blog.

Conclusion: I hope to keep this blog going as I’ve tried many times in the past to write on a regular basis and it just hasn’t happened. If you like what you read please subscribe and help me feel like I’m writing for a reason. Look forward to lots of posts on all aspects of my life, but in particular the ones which I have mentioned above. Art, Music, Photography, Film, Poetry, and Spirituality. Feel free to suggest a topic for me to write about as well. I’m open to any ideas. Get used to lots of Exclamation points! Lots of Randomly capitalized Words! And Lots of Ellipsis… 🙂