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SSLYBY – Let it Sway – Album Release

You may recall I did talked about Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin for my Song a Day a few weeks ago. Well here’s a shameless plug for them again. I’ve been listening to their new album for a week or so now and I’m totally digging it. I pre-ordered a peach vinyl of their new album and received an instant digital download.  This isn’t a review of that album, but simply a reminder that today is the official release of the album and that if you don’t have it already, you should get it now!! Check out Amie Street, they’ve already got it on sale for $5.00. It’s worth way more in my opinion, but if you were semi-interested you should definitely just bite the bullet and buy this album. Of course you can pick up real copies of this on CD and Vinyl…as well as other merch and previous albums from their webstore.  Polyvinyl Records!

Songs on the Album
1. Back in the Saddle
2. Sink/Let it Sway
3. Banned (By the Man)
4. In Pairs
5. My Terrible Personality
6. Everlyn
7. Stuart Gets Lost Dans Le Metro
8. All Hail Dracula!
9. Critical Drain
10. Animalkind
11. Phantomwise
12. Made to Last

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