Flavors.me Personal Homepage

Click the image above to go to my Flavors.me page

Found this really cool site yesterday which integrates with almost any social networking site you can think of and it basically turns your Flavors.me page into a one-stop-shop for everything you. I’ve currently got mine setup for YouTube, Flickr, This Blog, Last.fm, and LinkedIn. So it’s almost serving as an online portfolio for my creative endeavors.

There are some limitations with the free version. You only have 4 layout design options, you are limited in the fonts available, you can only link 5 sites, you can’t setup a contact page, and you have to have your page start with “http://flavors.me”. To upgrade only costs 20 bucks a year though, so it seems like a pretty good deal. I’m going to just do the free version for now and see how I like it. So far the available customization is very cool!

So here is my site! Rafe Preston Tell me what you think. I love how the linked sites open up right on your flavors.me site. No need to be redirected to look at all my videos, photos, blog, recently listened to music or bio on LinkedIn. So great!

2 responses to “Flavors.me Personal Homepage

  1. Thanks for such kind feedback Rafe! Your site looks great. I’ve upgraded it to the paid version, on the house. Hope you enjoy!

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