Song(s) of the Day – 9/15/10

Well, apparently I’m not so good at this blogging thing as I’m routinely missing my Humpday Song of the Day! So here I am playing catch up again. Got two for you today. One I was just recently exposed to by Christina Maria, the Canadian women that was in my last post. And the other was shared with me by an old Australian friend many years ago.

Nina Kinert – Beast

So let’s start with the new. The song is called Beast and it’s by a Swedish Folk singer named Nina Kinert. Wow, just wow, what a great voice and a kind of haunting simple song played on the piano and accompanied with some strings. I can’t wait to delve deeper into this artists music. Unfortunately her newest album can’t be found on iTunes.

Found this cool live version. The only album version on YouTube was a still shot of the album cover and that bores me!

Nina Kinert Links:
Official Website (This site is pretty useless as it only has a couple links to click and one is to order her CD and it’s in Swedish and the other is to her Myspace page)

Northstar – Pollyanna

Now on to the next treat for the day. This song is called Pollyanna and is by a band that broke up in 2005 named Northstar. Two of the members of Northstar have gone on to form the band Cassino. Northstar was kind of a high energy alternative rock band with some catchy songs. Even though one of their favorite songs of mine is more of an acoustic ballad called Two Zero Two I wanted to show you their fun side.  Why they never got as big as some of the bands they used to tour with is a mystery to me.

Sorry, couldn’t find a more interesting video for this song. Plain album cover with music.

Northstar Links:

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