Song(s) of the Day – 9/01/10

Once again I got behind last week. I was all about the Blog Contest that my friend had entered and didn’t get around to posting anything else. So here’s another Twofer Song of the Day!

I love spreading the word about musicians that have tons of talent, but aren’t known by hardly anybody. Here are two greats I’ve found via YouTube.

The first is Christina Maria and I couldn’t decided between here songs so I’m gonna share two! She’s a young and talented musician with a great voice. She’s Canadian and loved to travel which is apparent from her YouTube videos. Her music is a little bit folky, little bit jazzy, and a little bit bluesy and her vocals are soulful, and I loved how I read someone describing her, seductive. She just has one of those voices that is kind of timeless. It’s a bit of a fluke how I came across her channel. It started when I was searching YouTube for Rafe just to see what videos of mine came up or possibly trying to find my IamRafe channel and I came across a Canadian guy who plays music and promotes other bands on YouTube and his name just so happened to be Rafe. His channel is Rafem and he occasionally posts videos by other musicians to get the word out as his YouTube channel is kind of popular. Well one of those videos was one by this young lady and I was blown away…though I think I was hooked before I even heard her sing. Watch this video and tell me that isn’t the coolest entrance ever!

I’ve since subscribed to her channel and purchased her latest album on iTunes which is great. Here is the title song from that album and a pretty cool video too!

This is a fast paced fun little one!

Christina Maria Links:
Official Website

Next up is Tyler Slemp. An Oklahoma native who I happened across when another YouTuber I follow did a cover of one of his songs which is still one of my favorites. Come to find out one of his best friends played golf for Drury and I had hung out with a few times. Tyler writes amazing lyrics which have a way of putting you right into the stories they tell. He’s got a soothing voice that could put you to sleep if he didn’t put so much emotion into his singing. Stealing another quote from a bio I read that was taken from the producer he’s currently working with. “He is one of the few singers on this planet that can convey the same emotion in the vocal booth as he did the day he wrote the song” This couldn’t be more true. You can listen to any of his YouTube videos and just hear him pouring his soul into these songs….well maybe not all of his songs as he has a couple that are just for SnG. Unfortunately I don’t think any of his songs are for sale yet, but he’s been in the studio and is trying to finish up the album any time now. Was supposed to be done in July, but I think something came up with his car or something and alot of the money he raised for the album had to be spent elsewhere. Check out his Facebook page and see if you can’t donate so he can finish this album!

Here’s the first song I ever heard by Tyler Slemp

Here is another one of my favorites.

And how could I not post this one. We share the same love of Zooey Deschanel.

Tyler Slemp Links:

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