Week #4 & #5 Photo a Day Challenge

Whoops! Sorry guys…I missed last weeks photo set. Well, I was gonna do it Wednesday night, but didn’t have time and by the time Thursday came around I just decided I’d do two weeks at once come the next week. So here are two weeks of photos. Enjoy.

July 11th: Photo #22

Sorry, another sunset/panorama. Couldn’t pass it up. Finally was able to get a 6 photo pano done successfully. It was another strange day in MO. Tornado sirens around 7 and torrential down pours. Then the sky cleared up some and you could see blue skies and the sun setting. Then it poured again.

July 12th: Photo #23

Had to run an errand for my step mom today and ended up her dad’s house with my camera. He’s a big hunter and actually just recently went on a Safari. He’s got 3 mounted bears in the basement and I really like this one. The other’s weren’t as threatening. One was a rug and the other didn’t have the arms and claws!

July 13th: Photo #24

I only took like 10 photos as I walked from one building to another on campus today. This is a little fountain area that has some really tall grass by it.

July 14th: Photo #25

I drove out to the old farm house today. Heard the people that bought it from us moved out and it’s for sale so I figured no one would be there and I was right. Took pictures around the house and then trekked it through the woods to my favorite cedar tree. About half way up I found this little clump of moss/fungi. I thought it looked really cool. Especially the way the light was shinning on it. I wish the focus was a little better but what can you do when it’s 95+ degrees and like 110% Humidity! I was trying not to sweat all over my camera! I like it nonetheless though!

July 15th: Photo #26

Libby is such a happy dog. Was taking some pictures around the house when one of neighbors was walking her dog up the road. It’s rare that she’s being still. I have like 10 shots before this one that are all blurry cause she was jumping and wagging her tail! 🙂

July 16th: Photo # 27

Jakob and Nathan at Ted Drewes! I had a couple other pics from today, but this one was just too adorable not to post! 🙂

July 17th: Photo #28

The crew visited my buddy Travis at the Farmers Market located in some park in St. Louis. Afterwards we hung around and played some Bocce Ball with this strange bean bag set. Jakob here is displaying their stacking capabilities!

July 18th: Photo #29

I didn’t get out of STL till 10pm tonight and on the way home realized I hadn’t taken a single picture all day. There was some crazy clouds going on and they seemed to vertically split the sky in half. The moon just happened to be right on the dividing line. There was also a ton of heat lightning going on in the storm. It lit up the clouds my whole ride home. Was quite beautiful actually.

July 19th: Photo #30

I saw a friend post a picture of a light bulb during his 365 challenge and so I thought I’d give it a go. Now I’m starting to wonder if it was actually one in his picture…as this really hurt. I was seeing spots for awhile afterwards! I would suggest not taking pics of light bulbs that are turned on!

July 20th: Photo #31

I’m running out of ideas folks…especially when I don’t take my camera to work and I get off at 10pm! Tonight I took some pictures of kitchen appliances!

July 21st: Photo #32

Been storming a lot lately. Makes for some nice night shots though. Everything is shiny!

July 22nd: Photo #33

You know I’m getting desperate and have neglected my Photo a Day when you see pictures of myself. It was like 11:45pm and I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture yet…so this is what you get!

July 23rd: Photo #34

Another late night attempt at getting in a photo for the day. I was on the floor taking pictures of my guitar and they weren’t turning out very good. I need some nice lights! I was getting frustrated and decided to take pictures of myself again.

July 24th: Photo #35

Today was Life in a Day, put on by YouTube. People all over the world were supposed to film what they were doing today and send the footage in for the largest user-based feature film. So needless to say, I was filming with my little Kodak Zi8 camera and didn’t have my DSLR all day. So I took this shot with my phone when I was hanging out at the recently opened Benton Square.

6 responses to “Week #4 & #5 Photo a Day Challenge

  1. I like the car night shot very much! And often share your frustrations of trying to find the time and subjects to photograph. We just have to keep on snappin!

  2. I really like the lightbulb and mixer pictures!

  3. I like the wheat. Also, I heard about Benton Square. I plan on visiting Ro Mo (finally) in a few weeks… maybe I will check it out. My dad is all about the red velvet cupcakes… 😉

    • Thanks, yeah, the wheat shot turned out pretty good. The sun was shining just right. Benton Square is pretty nice. I hope they can keep getting some nice local bands to come play. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

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