Week #2 Photo a Day Challenge

Here’s Week #2 Photos.

June 27th: A storm just passed through tonight when I was about to leave Springfield. The sky was a strange orange/yellow. Messing with some of the shutter speeds I got this house across the street to look much creepier than it actually was…though it was still creepy!

June 28th: Panorama: 3 Shots

Beautiful sunset as I was getting off work today. My neighbors must think I’m crazy when I drive like a psycho stop in front of my house leave the car on and the door open, sprint inside sprint back out with my camera and speed off again. Gonna have to start remembering to bring my camera with me to work..but then I leave it there on accident…it’s quite the dilemma.

For a larger pic click here: http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy46/Prafeston/PanoramaSunset.jpg

June 29th: Didn’t get to take any pics until after work today so I just took some random shots around the house. Something about the texture and the shadows really stood out to me in this picture.

June 30th: I took a bunch of crap photos today. This is the only one I liked. My mom was watering the flowers while telling me not to take pictures of her! 🙂 I spent most of my time after work today writing lyrics for a contest on YouTube put on by one of my favorite YouTube Musicians. If you wanna see it check out this post: https://prafeston.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/kina-grannis-co-write-pre-chorus-chorus/

July 1st: On the way down to Texas me and the step bros stopped in Springfield so they could visit their grandmother in the hospital. I had some time to kill why they were inside so I took a bunch of pictures in the parking lot. Really liked a couple of the ones I took of my wheels. YAY B&W!!

July 2nd: I’ve been perfecting the shoot from the hip method and as you don’t always get great shots you can catch people off guard or just get angles you wouldn’t normally get from setting them up properly. They don’t always turn out this good, and I probably had some better shots on this day, but I kept coming back to this one cause I like how it turned out and the fact I shot it holding the camera at my side I’m quite proud of it.

July 3rd: I was trying to get some good shots of the pool at night, but I had an audience of my step bro and dad so I ended up taking some funny pics of them playing around with the shutter speed set at 6 seconds. This was the first one we took. I thought Trevor did a good job standing still for so long so it was definitely worthy of Photo of the Day!

7 responses to “Week #2 Photo a Day Challenge

  1. June 27th is amazing! My favourite from this week. And your stepbrother is pretty cute…. 😉 Hahahaha.

  2. Really neat shots this week! I’ve commented on some of them on Facebook…in addition to those I really like the one of the wheel and the really cool colors in the last one with Trevor.

  3. June 27th is fabulous!! Great shot!

    • Thanks, Baylie! The sky was amazingly eerie that night. I didn’t do any touch ups too this photo. There was a nice rainbow after the storm passed too, but I didn’t get a good shot of it.

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