A Singing Dog and a Giving God

Can I really take a post from a Video of my Dog Barking to a discussion on God giving to you judging by what you give to others? We shall see!

I’ve owned a YouTube account since Dec. of 2006. I’ve put a number of videos on it since then…41 to be exact. Most of which consists of crappy live records of bands I’ve seen in concert and an array of video packages made for my Video I and Video II classes at Drury. A few short months after starting the account I posted a video of Jack Russell Terrier named Jackson. The video is 8 seconds in its entirety and shows my dog “singing” happy birthday while sitting on the lap of my step-grandpa. I still to this day get comments from both extremes. I get haters calling me an idiot for calling his barking singing and I get dog lovers telling me how he’s adorable.

Somewhere along the line I managed to find a good video to make it a response too and I now get over 5,000 hits a day on that video. If you’ve ever been on YouTube you’d see that two things are always popular: Sex and Animal…can only imagine the kind of YouTube fame Animal Sex would get you! Jokes…though I bet you could find that on YouTube. It was never my intention when posting this little clip of my dog for it to become so popular. I was just wanting to document our dog singing as the Happy Birthday song is his favorite.

Whether you post videos for your own enjoyment or the enjoyment of other’s you still want them to be seen. If you didn’t want them seen you’d leave them on your hard drive. So I was more than thrilled when I realized my video was approaching 500k views and Google contacted my email saying, “Hey, yo, we want to use you to make money and will even give you a little for helping us.” This Ad program Google runs is called GoogleAdsense and it allows you to post ads on your website, blog, or if you are lucky enough your YouTube videos.

At the time I didn’t think much of it. I agreed to the terms and they emailed me some registration stuff I didn’t bother filling out. Several months later I remembered about it and decided to log in and see if anything had happened. Low and behold I had over 100 bucks sitting in my account! I was shocked as I didn’t think this was actually going to be something that could make me money. Needless to say I immediately went through the necessary steps to have the check get mailed to me. I’ve had it setup since October of ’09 and I’m not bringing in ridiculous amounts of money or anything, but it’s usually enough to cover my auto insurance!

Rafe Quit Talking and SHOW ME THE VIDEO!!!

Now after watching that you’ll notice I’ve decided to start donating the money made off that video to a local Animal Shelter. I never expected to be making this money and after a chat with a friend one night she had mentioned donating the money and I thought it was a brilliant idea. The money has helped me the last few months, but I’m not making enough for it to be a huge impact on my income, so why not give it to someone in need. After an unlikely run in at a local event I met some people who had just started up an Autumn Winds Animal Rescue & Sanctuary that was taking in dogs and cats off of “Death Row” from local area Kill Shelters. This month is going to be my first month donating my check and I’ve chosen them.

After talking with my sister on Skype last about how I was donating I decided I would do a blog about the video and the nature of giving. In the Bible there are many parables and verses about giving.

Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

I mentioned in my first post that I believe the main thing Jesus came here for was to show us Love! And what better way to do so then to give to those in need. The Bible says to give a tithe to the church. I did this for awhile, but I’ve been traveling so much the last few years that I’ve been giving in a different way. On Valentine’s Day a few years ago I started donating to an organization called Christian Foundation for Children & Aging.

This post isn’t meant to be a way for me to brag about the things I’m doing, but to encourage others to do the same. As previously mentioned I believe that if you give, God will give to you in return. This isn’t just a Christian belief…some people may know of this ideal as Karma! Whatever you wanna call it I think only good things can come from donating your time, money, ideas, etc to a cause you care about.

And I’ll finish this ridiculously long post with a thought given to my sister by her pastor. “If your cup is already full then God has nowhere to put more…so give and there’s room to receive, and God might actually see that you have out grown your cup and need a new, bigger cup.” Our God is a Giving God. Give and you shall receive.

Please, comment, elaborate, argue…this doesn’t have to end here…though it probably should, I apologize for such a long post. When I write I ramble!

5 responses to “A Singing Dog and a Giving God

  1. I have to say that ever since Javier and I started living by God’s principles in our life and tithing and using the budgeting tips that we learned at church, we have been blessed more and more. Sometimes I even have no idea where the money comes from and suddenly it’s there to even give me small pleasures like going out for ice cream. The biggest example of this was when we gave an amount to the church to help pay off the construction bills and suddenly the next day we found the car we had been wanting to buy and had just enough money to put down on it. Although we had been looking, we didn’t have enough money to put down for any of the ones we saw and had given up hope. It was amazing how clearly God blessed us there and filled up our cup when we had given an amount that was almost painful to think about giving.

    Here’s a video of my pastor in Mexico explaining this concept of giving so that there is room in your life to receive: http://vimeo.com/11436519

    He illustrates this around minute 18;30. Here’s a trascript of what he says for the next four mintues. — This glass is full. If this glass is full it can’t receive more. Why? Because it would jsut spill over. Right? Why? Because it doesn’t have room for what I want to put in it. Then what has to happen for this cup to receive more? What? If I pour some out (give it away), now it has space to receive more. When it gets more, it can give more. And more room we have in our lives. I promise you, if you begin to give what you hae towards what’s important to God, God is going to take his hose and fill up your glass. But many times our lives are full. We have what we need. We are there with the full glass and saying, “Give more some! Open up that hose, God! I want more blessings! I want more!” And he says, “But you’re full. You don’t have enough ways out (opportunities to give) in your life to hold what I can give you.” When we give we make more room. The more we give the more room there is. Later, God says, “You have more room in your life. You have a life that can hold more. (And he uses the bigger jar).” We give and we get. Have you ever seen a person who seems to turn everything into gold? They have room in their life. I talk to people who say, “If I had a lot, I’d give a lot.” But it has nothing to do with having a lot. It has to do with making room at whatever level we are at in life. If our life is like a small glass, make room. If our life is like a big jar, we need ot make space there. —

    This last point reminded me of another Biblical verse which says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” Luke 16:10

    • Thanks for your input sister!

      I think your comment was almost as long as my post. I’m glad you elaborated on the cup analogy though and also for giving a testimony to your life and how God provided for you when you needed it and after giving more than you and Javier probably felt comfortable giving. Love you!

  2. I love the story. It’s amazing what God can use to bless other people and to bless you too in learning to bless others. That’s a lot of blessings to go around!

  3. And I’ll finish this ridiculously long post with a thought given to my sister by her pastor. “If your cup is already full then God has nowhere to put more…so give and there’s room to receive, and God might actually see that you have out grown your cup and need a new, bigger cup.” Our God is a Giving God. Give and you shall receive.

    I like the quote. You can read other quotes about giving at http://www.rwministries.com and click on Blog.

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